Provac ND-IB

Its compositions are Newcastle Disease virus (ND : B1 strain) and infectious Bronchitis virus (KH-120 strain).

It is used for simultaneous immunization against Newcastle disease and IB No succeeding medication with antibiotics to prevent bacterial infection, cause from vaccination stress and temporary immune suppress
Provac IBD
This vaccine is composed of attenuated Infectious Bursal Disease virus for the immunization of fowl against Infecitous Bursal Disease.
It is administered by oral route (Drinking water method) regardless of age,
re-hydrated vaccine can be administered.
Initial vaccination : 2 to 4 weeks old (Chicks without maternal antibody : 1 to 5 days old)
Booster vaccination (for breeders) : 10 to 12 weeks old.

Provac CRDF

It is composedof Mycoplasma gallisepticum (F strain) which is used for the active immunization against Mycoplasma gallisepticum in chicken. It is administered through eye-drop where by 1 dose, 0.03mL, two-shots are given at the age of 6 weeks and 9 weeks that is after diluting.

It is composed of Salmonella gallinarum 9 Rough Live strainSafety and efficacy evidenced with the outdoor field test. It is used for the prevention and weakening the disease of Fowl typhoid in laying hens and it helps with cost-effective egg production. It is produced with technical cooperation with Dragon Biotechnology Ltd in the U.K

It is a newcastle disease virus for the immunization of fowl against Newcastle disease infection.

The vaccine is diluted at the recommended dosage and administered to the grower chicks at over 5 weeks old.