L-Lysine - hcl
Lysine is one of the most limiting amino acids in poultry given that amino acids are the building blocks for proteins; hence it is important in improving the available and digestible protein in feed. It is added into the feed at various levels depending on the protein sources one uses as the raw materials. Eagle vet imports this from reputable manufacturers in Japan (Ajinomoto) and South Korea.

Dicalcium phosphate
It has 21% calcium and 18% phosphorus. It supplements’ phosphorus and calcium deficiency 25kgs DCP is a diabasic calcium phosphate prepared from phosphate rocks. Calcium phosphates, the most widely used phosphate supplements, supply essential minerals for the development of strong teeth and bones in livestock and poultry.

It is an organic acidifier and salt which synergistically act as a natural growth promoter, enhances digestibility and prevents growth of bacteria and virus.
It improves immunity to a particular disease. It contains an agent resembling a disease-inducing microorganism– a bacterium, virus or toxin – that activates the body’s immune system.
It is a high quality chemical that binds and biotransforms toxins. This will ultimately enhance production and fast growth.
The Mycofix product line represents specially developed feed additives that protect animal health by deactivating mycotoxins found in contaminated feed. Mycofix is suitable for use in poultry, pig and ruminant feed as well as fish and shrimp diets.

This is a type of phosphate enzyme that catalyzes the hydrolysis of phytic acid (myo-inositol hexakisphosphate). It is an indigestible, organic form of phosphorus that is found in grains and oil seeds and it releases a usable form of inorganic phosphorus.While phytases have been found to occur in animals, plants, fungi and bacteria, phytases have been most commonly detected and characterized from fungi.
This is the first limiting amino acids as far as the building blocks of protein are concerned. It is to be added into the feed at various rates depending on the sources of protein one uses. It helps in improving the available and digestible protein. Eagle vet imports these from reputable manufacturers in the world such as Sumitomo Chemicals (Japan).This is to ensure that the feed manufacturers only get the best quality.

This is a Coccidiostart in the class if ironophores that contains 60g (6%) Salinomycin Sodium to help in the prevention of Coccidiosis in poultry and young calves. It is designed to be included at 1kg per tonne of finished feed.

Vita poultry
It is highly concentrated with vitamins and amino acid complex that that boosts production and growth. It also contributes to a healthy immune system by increasing the activity of “microbe-eating” phagocytes, cells that ingest and destroy harmful bacteria. This promotes the healing of infected tissues and increases resistance to further infection.