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Our Team

We have a qualified technical team redy to serve you as we care for our farms

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We carry out seminars in the field and educate our customers on how to improve their farming

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Farm Visits

We care about your farms and we arrange to see your animals before prescribing medicine whenever there's a need

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Nation Wide Deliveries

We have a fleet of vehicles ready to deliver nation wide and ship to all of East, Central and South Africa

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The best

Eaglevet (U) Ltd

Our purpose and mission as a company is to create brighter lives for all. We cannot be successful nor even call ourselves successful in a world that fails, if we are to feed sustainably and responsibly the 100 million Ugandans and their neighbors by 2050.

The time to change is now. Our work supports the development of a more sustainable global animal production industry, by harnessing science and working in partnership with our customers, we are helping to deliver sustainable animal farming that respects animals, people and planet whilst delivering the volume, price and margin customers demand and the farming community is capable of supplying

As the challenges of material scarcity sets in, we give the best offer for efficient productions

We develop solutions to address the challenges our customers face today with an understanding of how the industry is being shaped for the future. By investing in technologies and precision services, we enable the industry to transition to greater sustainability and profitability

At Eaglevet (U) ltd we are committed to creating an industry that can meet international needs of the world’s rapidly growing population while maintaining critical planetary boundaries, through collaborating closely with our customers, we work to solve some of today’s biggest global challenges like mineral / vitamin deficiencies in our animals/ poultry leading to a healthy and prosperous society for all

Our animal mineral premixes are a wonder, for the primelick it is a wonder for the diary animals enhancing quantity and quality of milk produced, it also enhances fertility and immunity

Animal Medicines

Eaglevet Uganda has the best Medicine for your flocks

Animal Vaccines

Eaglevet Uganda has the best Medicine for your flocks

Animal Feeds Premixes

Eaglevet Uganda has the best Medicine for your flocks



Its an oil base Oxytet very stable in all environments


Diminal 2.36gms contain diminazene diaceturate 445mg and. phenozol 555mgs good in the treatment of trypanosomes, piroplasms, and Bebesiosis


It is a broad spectrum dewormer and also controls liver fluke


A famous anticoccidiostate 500mls


Used for treatment of Ketosis, paraplegia, antepartum, postparturent parsplegia, allergic diseases, inflamtory sclerosis, Edema, Pnuemonia, bronchitis, Uteritis and vaginitis.


Contains 50mgs of Bupaquone, it’s a wonder molecule for controlling and treatment of ECF


Enprotil is a wonder oral antibiotic


A balanced vitamin-mineral complex to control stress and enhance productivity


Good for control and treatment of gram-negative bacteria and mycoplasma infections


Wonder antibiotic combination Trimethoprim 40gms and Sulfamethozole 200gms, controls CRD, CCRD, Colitis and many others


A combination of Ox tetracycline HCL and vitamin electrolytes, very good in chicks and laying birds during the time of stress

Feeds Premixes

Egg York Enhancer


Grower Premix

Broiler Premix

Chick Starter Premix

Layer Premix

Eaglevet Uganda

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